Son of a Witch
Opening Thursday, 29 Nov 2018, 19:00 Thomas Köhler Director of the Berlinische Galerie Olaf Stüber Festival Director In her expansive video sculptures, Raphaela Vogel addresses her own feminine corporeality and an often male-influenced technique in ever new ways and not without humor. In her post-apocalyptic, Frankensteinian worlds, everything is turned inside out, twisted, transformed, deconstructed, and reinterpreted in a refreshingly irreverent manner: the Dixi urinal and the hay crane, high-voltage insulators, projection technology, and camera drones become eerie and strangely archaic monsters with an ominously independent existence, populating both her films and the exhibition, which Vogel stands up to in her fragility and vulnerability in a seemingly hopeless struggle. Son of a Witch is Vogel’s first institutional solo presentation in Berlin.