Katarina Zdjelar
AAA (Mein Herz)
2016, 4:34 min
Day 1, Screening 4
15 Dec 2018, 17:30

AAA (Mein Herz) (4’30″, 2016) is a single-shot work showing a young woman simultaneously performing four compositions. While preserving the original style, tempo, and rhythm of the individual works, she maintains the key of the different music pieces. Silence, music, sound and words alternate and collide. The female protagonist’s face and vocal chords serve as a battleground for the jerky transition between the different tracks. As if the sounds have been continuously torn out of their sockets putting an emphasis on the multiple, fragmented yet simultaneous temporalities which run the economy of her voice and of the composition. As often in Zdjelar’s practice, it is the interruptions that speak, this time in the corporality of the performers voice. While her singing is as much about managing the gaps between the tracks as it is about accuracy of performance of such historically, stylistically and linguistically distinct compositions.