Adolf Hitler
2012, 1:13 min
Day 1, Screening 4
15 Dec 2018, 17:30

The video "Adolf Hitler" by the Berlin Dresdner artist group BEWEGUNG NURR consists of edited footage of the Olympic Games in Berlin 1936. The focus is on the person Adolf Hitler and his grotesque body language, while he sits in the stands following the course of the Olympic competition. The propagandistic staging of Hitler is superimposed in slow motion on the gesture of the psychopathic personality and the scene slides into the gruesomely infantile. The acoustic background is made up of alienated noises from a boxing workout. The film is dedicated to the sinto-German boxing champion Johann "Rukeli" Trollmann, whose sporting success was denied to him due to his ethnic roots. Already in 1928, the racer was not put forward for the Olympic Games in Amsterdam for racist reasons. Disempowered and marginalized under National Socialism, Johann Trollmann gradually lost his livelihood, was imprisoned in 1942 in the Neuengamme concentration camp and murdered in 1944 in the Wittenberge concentration camp.