Theo Eshetu
Body and Soul V3
2004, 28:00 min
Day 2, Screening 1
16 Dec 2018, 13:45

When you observe the world, you see people, houses and tangible objects. But when you observe yourself within, you see moving images, a world of images generally known as fantasies. Yet these fantasies are facts. Carl Jung

Body and Soul V3 is a collage of sounds and images that allude to the invisible properties of the soul. Based in part on Aristotle's dictum “the soul is the true shape of the body," the images of bodies, actions, rituals and dances all point to the meta-physical properties they embody. Through a non-linear narrative that suggests an inward journey, the video ventures into the very fabric of the moving image and the immaterial properties of video as a tool of expression.

The illusive narrative, which communicates through the impact of the images on the senses, invites the viewer to enter an imaginary world neither real nor fictitious. Any attempt to define the narrative in words would negate its essence, which is to express with images that which cannot be communicated with words. Body and Soul V3 is therefore an expression of the nature of communication and video itself, paradoxically showing the capacity of the medium to form thoughts, feelings and opinions, even when no discernible narrative is present.

The V3 in the title refers to a third phase in the Body and Soul, or Mind and Matter, debate. This version proposes that the constant presence of bodies mediated on monitors and screens, distort the perception of reality by creating the illusion of a physical presence that’s not actually there. Suggesting further that these bodies viewed on monitors, which we take as real, are in fact shadows, spirits or souls of the depicted figures.