Armin Linke with Giulia Bruno
Deutsche Messe
2015, 12:01 min
Day 2, Screening 3
16 Dec 2018, 18:45

For more than twenty years, Armin Linke has been photographing the effects of globalization, the comprehensive transformation of infrastructures, and the interlinking of postindustrial society through digital information and communications technologies. His works record the profound economic, environmental, and technological changes that shape our device-based world in the twenty-first century.

Filmed one day before the public opening dates of the Hannover Messe 2015 (Hanover Fair), Linke’s film leads behind the scenes, and exposes from this perspective the arrival of the VIP guests - partner country was India -, sites and situations of meetings and negotiations between politicians, developers, investors and sellers. It also addresses the research field of artificial intelligence and robotic experiments, as well as the possibility that humans and robots together shape the future of automation.

Camera: Armin Linke and Giulia Bruno
Editing: Giulia Bruno