Mathilde Rosier
Dispossessed Come Union Video Ballet
2018, 13:44 min
Day 1, Screening 1
15 Dec 2018, 11:00

Two Viennese waltz dancers remove a poem composed by the artist and written on the floor with sands of various colours by other figures. The intention is to go beyond the realm of language as when we forget about ourselves and pour identity in reading a book, watching a film or observing a landscape.

In this video there is a sort of will à rebours, an overcoming of the acquired linguistic rigidity that, through dance and the cancellation of writings, direct us towards the reacquisition of the very vast phonetic and pre-linguistic possibilities.

In addition, the faces of the presences that are protagonists in this work are covered with headgear. As the artist writes, “The face is an alphabet; it is like a language [...]” that gives us a “singularity” but, “The language and the face are merely tools that allow for communication and provide functionality to life in society. This is already a lot, but they do not intervene in the deep sense of existence that defines living”. It is as if the artist gave us the possibility of a kind of “flash of illumination”, an impersonal budding of our being. Impersonal because it aims at the essence and for this reason it cannot have a defined and specific identity.

With the figures turned upside down in the paintings and videos, for some years now, the artist has been interested in proposing us a different view, a view that is only satisfied with perception without the search for a full sense. It is a perception outside of ourselves, outside the logic of a “productive sight” of our own control area. It is a “primordial sight” that goes to the basis of observation without intellectual and social superstructures.