Almagul Menlibayeva
Gathered in Moscow
2015–18, 14:00 min
Day 2, Screening 4
16 Dec 2018, 21:00

The film reflects and based of the same name of the 6th Moscow Biennale 2015 and the book "How to Gather? Acting Relations, Mapping Positions".

The documentary of the shortets biennale of the 10 days meeting opens as an laboratory experimental environment into Togetherness and Further Considerations.

„How to Gather ? brings together a remarkable group of cultural and scientific practitioners who reflect on conditions with which to overcome this, in span between the individual and the world.“ (Bart De Baere, Defne Ayas and Nicolaus Schafhausen, Book "How to Gather? Acting Relations, Mapping Positions" M HKA, Kunsthalle Wein, Witte de With Contemporary Art)

Sound G. Popov
Courtesy American- Eurasian Art Advisors LLC. Almagul Menlibayeva©