Ulf Aminde
Körper Theorie Poetik
2018, 22:54 min
Day 2, Screening 4
16 Dec 2018, 21:00

In Ulf Aminde's work from 2018 "Körper, Theorie, Poetik" ("Body, Theory, Poetics") a voice speaks that has taken possession of a body that wants to remain unrecognized and, as we experienced in the course of the video, of an entire institution.

In the style of an undercover video, Ulf Aminde lets an instance speak that has crept into existing systems, structures and, above all, institutions and, from within, quasi parasitically attempts to change them. The old (radical) question of the emancipative, political movement, which has to be posed anew in each case, is whether radicality consists of initiating one's own institutions or whether it is a matter of changing the institutions from the inside: With his performative film work, Ulf Aminde proposes a new positioning and marking: not outside the institution, but not from it either, in order to seek radical reinvention from this point.