Melissa E. Logan/Chicks on Speed
2018, 16:00 min
Day 1, Screening 4
15 Dec 2018, 17:30

Loop is a sampling of the world, our surroundings and actions. Lively actions are the instruments that build the biases for the lyrics which mock these humans always thinking they are one-off originals. The angst to not be seen is tricking us into predictable actions, namely actions from the driving urge to be unique. Logan is building off of a Chicks on Speed a method, a way of selecting quick edits, and creating compositions with the edited samples. They developed, as Chicks on Speed a humorous Butt Smack Bongo song of butts being smacked edited into a melody. Through the reduced, minimal format of looped Video/Audio Logan revisits the video loop, letting the layers build into the cacophony of multiplicity. The micro sections and the universe of driven evolution, in motion, in sync, shifting out of synchronized sound into drone. Loop is catching the sound waves long enough to take advantage of cinematic surround, this is made possible by the generous support of Tonlabor/Sound Lab HAW (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.

Loop is the video/audio remake of a song performed at the legendary Cafe Oto, London. Kammerklang, with Serge Vuille, Nelly Ellinor and Hilary Jeffery.

Title Photo:, 06.09.2018 at Ars Electonica, Linz.