Candice Breitz
2018, 24:56 min
Day 2, Screening 5
16 Dec 2018, 23:00

Sweat (2018) is a companion film to Breitz’s thirteen-channel video installation TLDR(2017). In their own words, ten members of a community of Cape Town-based sex workers—all of whom are affiliated as activists with SWEAT (the Sex Workers Education & Advocacy Taskforce)—offer a series of anecdotes and insights into their lives and labour. Their ten-tweet-long statements (each statement has a length of no more than 1400 characters) are drawn from a series of longer interviews (which were shot in Cape Town in February 2017). The full interviews can be viewed on Vimeo.

Sweat has a duration of approximately 25 minutes. It can be installed either as a single-channel installation (on a large flatscreen monitor, or as a wall-sized projection), or as a ten-channel video installation (in which case each individual’s narrative is looped on a separate flatscreen monitor).]

Sweat features Zoe Black, Connie, Duduzile Dlamini, Emmah, Gabbi, Regina High, Jenny, Jowi, Tenderlove and Nosipho ‘Provocative’ Vidima. It was conceived and produced in dialogue with SWEAT (the Sex Workers Education & Advocacy Taskforce), Cape Town, South Africa.

Courtesy: KOW, Berlin