Lynne Marsh
Taking Positions
2018, 16:21 min
Day 2, Screening 3
16 Dec 2018, 18:45

Taking Positions began with an invitation for Marsh to film in the space of Kunsthaus Dahlem, Berlin, formerly the atelier of Arno Breker—an official state sculptor of the Third Reich. As with Marsh’s previous works such as Stadium, she engages with specific sites and architectures that bear a conflation of historical, social, and political forces.

In the lead-up to Kunsthaus Dahlem’s inauguration as a new exhibition venue, Lynne Marsh worked with six female performers, filming them in the space as they embodied the postures of six of Breker’s sculptures. She chose works representing idealised femininity through such mythological figures as Eos, Psyche and Humility.

The work activates a tension between the live and the fixed, present and past, the female body as sculpture and human bodies in the here and now. Marsh questions whether a gesture or a posture can hold an ideology and to what extent it may be re-performed, possessed or repurposed.