Jeremy Shaw
This Transition Will Never End
2008–ongoing, 19:23 min
Day 1, Screening 7
15 Dec 2018, 23:30

"This Transition Will Never End" is an ongoing archive of appropriated footage taken from a wide variety of movies and television in which a vortex, or any such tunnel-like or spiraling image, is used to represent the slippage of time or a transition from one reality to another. Again dealing with the reperesentation of something thus-far undocumentable, Shaw catalogues the illustrations of this ubiquitous phenomena and notes the apparent agreement that has been reached from extremely low budget movies to Oscar-winning Hollywood films. "This Transition Will Never End" also serves as a history of special-effects via this trope of representation; from physical constructions (The Time Tunnel, 1958) through to split-screen animation (2001, 1968), early computer graphics (Tron, 1982) to highly advanced contemporary CGI (Enter the Void, 2008).