Christian Jankowski
What Could Possibly Go Wrong
2017, 9:52 min
Day 1, Screening 1
15 Dec 2018, 11:00

When a new director was appointed to the MSU Broad Art Museum in Michigan, the local and international art scene gathered to greet him on the occasion of the opening of The Transported Man, the first exhibition under his helm.

Jankowski arrived with an animal trainer and let an alligator loose in the museum which cornered the new director at the moment he was scheduled to deliver his welcome speech. A local anchorman, who was on site to get an exclusive, witnessed the alligator swallowing the director whole.

Surprisingly, the director survived within the belly of the reptile and fulfilled his promise to give an interview, using the animal as a conduit. He discussed his experiences, expectations for his position and plans for the prestigious institution. By the end of the interview, the director was able to manoeuvre the alligator and give a small tour of the exhibition before returning to his office in his new body.