Friday, 19 November 2021, 24:00 | midnight

#117: Peter Miller

In his work, Peter Miller traces the history and nature of the technical media. His films examine cinema as a phenomenon and address its constituent, irreducible elements: lens, light, film, audience, projection. Peter Miller’s cinematic works include 16 and 35mm films as well as videos. Inspired by the Conditional and Expanded Cinema of the 1970s, they explore physical phenomena such as gravity, investigate the flicker effect of cinema, and ask what we experience when the projector is turned inside out.

Complementing the first institutional exhibition of his photographic work at C/O Berlin (Dear Photography, Sep 11 – Dec 3, 2021), Videoart Midnight welcomes Peter Miller to present a selection of his rarely seen 35 mm film works from the past 15 years.

In cooperation with C/O Berlin.