Friday, 14 October 2022, 24:00 | midnight

#124: Anna Ehrenstein

Anna Ehrenstein lives between Berlin, Tirana and the cloud and works in various mediums in artistic or curatorial production, examining how technology and digital-material culture reshape power relations. She investigates varying forms of knowledge and their constructions through south-south collaborations and redistribution of global north resources. Photography, Text, Video, Installation, Performance and Sculpture are created through working in community and throughout process-based artistic and curatorial research and mediation. How are we as a society produced by the media and through lens-based realities? Networked processes are key in untangling capitalistic structures of greed in a world of ongoing crises.

Anna Ehrenstein presents footage from a selection of her multichannel and 360° video installations especially edited for the cinema:

Zen for Hoejabi
2018, split screen work, , 6:30 min

Tool for Conviviality
2019, 360° work, 15:00 min

Real Thomas Metzinger
2017, 4:00 min

Tupamaras Technophallus
2020, 360° work, 15:00 min

Albanian Conference
2021, 3 videos in Installation, 1st 5:00 min, 2nd 3:16 min, 3rd 8:23 min

The Hypnotization of the Cloud
2022, 10:00 min

Anna Ehrenstein (b. 1993, AL/DE) studied photography and media art in Germany and attended curatorial courses in Valetta, ML and Lagos, NG. In 2022 she received the INITIAL scholarship for artistic mediation, in 2021 the Research Scholarship of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Berlin and in 2020 the C/O Berlin Talent Award 2020  for “New Documentary Strategies” with her work Tools for Conviviality.  She worked for the educational program of BB10 curated by Gabi Ncobo and curated exhibitions for the Triennale of photography in Hamburg, amongst others. In 2019 she received a DAAD scholarship for a research semester in Bogota, Colombia. In the past year  she has exhibited at the Ural Biennale in Yekaterinburg, the Lagos Biennale in Lagos and at KOW Berlin, the C/O Berlin Foundation and the Kunstraum Kreuzberg, among others.