Friday, 19 March 2010, 24:00 | midnight

#13: ANT FARM 1968-1978

Ant Farm was founded by Chip Lord and Doug Michaels in San Francisco in 1968. The group was a collaboration between avant-garde architects, graphic artists, environmental designers, and artists, who were influenced by »alternative« architects such as Buckminster Fuller, Archigram and Superstudio. But above all they were visionaries, activists armed with the first SONY Portapaks hitting the road with their »Media Van« to document their media events, installations and spectacular performances.

Ant Farm disbanded in 1978 when a fire destroyed their San Francisco Studio.

With this screening – a cooperation with »basis«, Frankfurt – we are pleased to return to very beginnings of video art. We show early works by the legendary collective Ant Farm.

Scottsdale Hilton, 1970, 2:08 min
Media Van at Tulane, 1971, 5:52 min
World’s Longest Bridge, 1971, 24:10 min
Cadillac Ranch, 1974/1994, 14:00 min
Media Burn, 1975, 23:00 min

Special Thanks to Chip Lord and Dough Hall
and Kathy Rae Huffman who brought us together.

Ant Farm’s web site: