Friday, 24 June 2011, 24:00 | midnight

#25: Chicks on Speed

The Chicks studios are the stages, institutes, streets, theaters, shacks & palaces around the world. The High Art has seldom gone so messy & the Low is always high, dressed up or without dress at all, mixed into a Audio with Visual triggering of the loops & cut up performances one could ask ” where are the shackles?”

Chicks on Speed presents their

Butt Smack Bungo at Midnight, live performance


In 1997 Melissa Logan & Alex Murray-Leslie founded Chicks on Speed behind the art Academy in Munich. Their first collaborative pieces were large scale drawings & collages but the work soon became installations & performances, Seppi Bar, a Caberet Voltair inspired illegal, underground, drinking hole with performances & installations was an important early project which soon lead to making music with Kiki Moorse.

Chicks on Speed have gone through various formations, starting around 2004 the collaborative work with artists, friends, groupies took on a collective structure, rather then the typical practice of employing video editors, photographers, musicians & fashion designers formed a flexible and changing clan, pioneering a artistic output disregarding traditional genres and working in the fields of design, installation, pop music, performance and developing what are called Objekt Instruments.

The extended Chicks on Speed group: Kathi Glass (Designer & Performer), Anat Ben-David (Performer / PHD researcher for music), Krõõt Juurak (No-Choreographer), Merche Blasco (High tech intervener), Faustine Kopiejwski (Journalist and performer) A.L. Steiner ( Artivist N.Y.) Deborah Schamoni ( Film), Douglas Gordon (Art Star Berlin/N.Y.), Chie Ito (artistic director, Strange Kinoko Dance Company) Karl Lagerfeld (The King of Fashion) and Yves Klein (somehow part of it).

Exhibitions & Performances include: Palais de Tokyo, MOMA, BOZAR, CAC Vilnius, MOMAK, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Tate Britain, Pompidou.

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