Friday, 29 January 2016, 24:00 | midnight

#71: Christian Falsnaes

The exhibition of the Preis der Nationalgalerie in Berlin just closed – now Christian Falsnaes is guest at Videoart at Midnight and presents:

There and Back Now (around 45:00 min)

In his performances, Christian Falsnaes (b. 1980 in Copenhagen, Denmark), who lives and works in Berlin, tests collective obedience by giving instructions to his audience. Thereby, Falsnaes’ performances form analytical and social experiments that demonstrate how easily an initially hesitant audience can, through instructions and group dynamics, be emotionally and critically affected.

Next to his performance works, his practice spans across multiple media and approaches such as painting, musical composure and filming. In this process, Falsnaes generates a variety of material, from photos, collages and collectively made drawings to songs, scripts and videos.

For There and Back Now, Falsnaes has been searching through his archive of video works and performance documentation in order to assemble a collection of material from the past ten years, editing a new video. Hereby, he implements a sampling of his own works which allows him to reflect on his practice and underline certain themes across his different projects.

Focusing on the experience of watching a video, There and Back Now takes the viewer through a journey of absurd situations, embarrassing moments and social rituals while giving attention to the unique situation of a cinema audience.

The video There and Back Now by Christian Falsnaes will only be shown once and only at Videoart at Midnight on January 29.

Christian Falsnaes’ web site: