Videoarte a Medianoche BCN

Videoarte a Medianoche BCN is a project by A*DESK – Critical Thinking in collaboration with Videoart at Midnight Berlin on Friday, September 17th, 2021 at the ZUMZEIG cooperative cinema in Barcelona. Selected films by Omer Fast and Tobias Zielony (invited by Videoart at Midnight Berlin) and Momu & No Es (on the part of A*DESK) will be shown. The artists will be present.

A*DESK, International and Independent Institute of Criticism and Contemporary Art, is the initiative of a group of contemporary art professionals in Barcelona. The mission of A*DESK is to vindicate actively the value of creative thought and to generate debate around art and contemporary culture. A*DESK’s will to experiment and innovate formats to disseminate contemporary culture leads to Videoarte a Medianoche BCN, which takes up the background of the Videoart at Midnight Berlin project founded by Olaf Stüber and Ivo Wessel in 2008 and since then successfully run by Olaf Stüber.

A*DESK and Videoart at Midnight Berlin have selected the following artists (in alphabetical order) and works:

Omer Fast – 5000 Feet is the Best, 2011, 27 min
Momu & No Es –  Global Windshield, The musical, 2018, 19 min
Tobias Zielony – Hurd’s Bank, 2020, 15 min
Tobias Zielony – Maskirovka, 2017, 9 min
Tobias Zielony – Le Vele di Scampia, 2009-2010, 9 min

Further information on Videoart at Midnight BCN you’ll find on A*DESK’s web site