Out of the white cube, into the darkness

When I think of Midnight Movies I timeslip to the early 90s and all-nighters at the Scala in London’s Kings Cross. The imagery is that of The Trip, Eraserhead, Vanishing Point, and Blue Sunshine. The aroma is of popcorn and hashish, the taste—cheap stimulants and vodka. I think of a motley crew of film geeks and freaks who have stumbled out of the pub at closing, dashed to the off license, and now gather inside the crumbling flea pit for an all night fix of kitsch, action, and high weirdness on the big screen.

Here in Berlin there’s another Midnight Movie experience—far less sleazy but no less fun. Videoart at Midnight is a non-profit project that presents artists’ films and videos on the main screen of the Babylon Mitte, a beautiful cinema, right in the centre of the Hauptstadt. Once a month since 2009, organizers Olaf Stüber and Ivo Wessel have held screenings, with artists in attendance, of works that would normally only be seen in galleries or as part of installations.

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