Friday, October 9th, 2020, 24:00 | midnight
#114: Willem de Rooij

Willem de Rooij investigates the production, contextualization and interpretation of images through a variety of media. Appropriations and collaborations are fundamental to De Rooij's artistic method and his projects have stimulated new research in art history and ethnography. With Jeroen de Rijke (1970-2006) he represented the Netherlands at the Venice Biennale in 2005 [read on]

Friday, September 11th, 2020, 24:00 | midnight
#113: Eli Cortiñas

Cortiñas' artistic practice can be located within the appropriation tradition, using already existing cinema to de- and reconstruct identities as well as narratives according to new discourses. Her collage-like video essays and installations mix found imagery with documentary strategies [read on]

April 21st, 2020
Berlin Video Art Festival

From 24 to 26 April 2020 the Berlinische Galerie and Videoart at Midnight jointly host the Berlin Video Art Festival: 15 video works by 10 international artists who were part of the Videoart at Midnight programme since 2010. During the festival, the video works will be exlusively available on the website of the Berlinische Galerie at certain times slots around Midnight only. Experience video art at home for once! [read on]

Friday, February 14th, 2020, 24:00 | midnight
#112: Brody Condon

The Berlin based artist Brody Condon (b. Mexico 1974) facilitates and documents game-like group encounters that experientially probe the individual, material, and political ramifications of dissociative phenomena. The works are often made in collaboration with researchers, craftspeople, and public participants. We look forward to Brody Conlon’s screening focusing on short ...

Friday, January 24th, 2020, 24:00 | midnight
#111: Gernot Wieland

We start our 2020 program with a wonderful humorous Austrian artist: Gernot Wieland. He works mainly with film, drawing and lecture performance in order to examine psychological conditions in society and in human beings. His works are based on memory and narration. In most of them he includes many different layers of narration and layers of references like small sculptures, photos, drawings or drawings he made when he was a child [read on]

Friday, December 20th, 2019, 24:00 | midnight
#110: Li Zhenhua

Looking for Wong Kar-Wai is a project that revisits and rethinks about his films and the changing of Hong Kong. His films always show a longing for the passing by situation with people, and are about encounters and loss. Thus, the idea came to me to make a filmic work about him and the films, to have another actor and team try to document Hong Kong through the films and to link that with the past and [read on]

Friday, November 15th, 2019, 24:00 | midnight
#109: Ari Benjamin Meyers

We look forward to welcoming Ari Benjamin Meyers with his film portraits "Four Liverpool Musicians" which he created for the Liverpool Biennial 2018. The films reference the subjects’ personal histories and tell Liverpool’s musical history, representing its major musical movements while at the same time relating back to the city’s industrial past. The work was premiered and exhibited on the stage of the Playhouse Theatre and now edited especially for Videoart at Midnight. [read on]

Friday, October 11th, 2019, 24:00 | midnight
#108: Ina Wudtke

Ina Wudtke’s work questions hegemonic political discourses. It strenghtens counter-discourses on themes such as gender, work and housing. At Videoart at Midnight Ina Wudtke presents a wide selection of videos spanning from A Portrait of the Artist as a Worker (RMX.) from 2006 to recent works, such as the ongoing series Agitkas (2017-2019) [read on]

Friday, September 20th, 2019, 24:00 | midnight
#107: Monira Al Qadiri

Beginning our fall season, Monira Al Qadiri presents a program of moving-image works centered on transnational narratives emanating from the Persian Gulf. A Kuwaiti artist born in Senegal and educated in Japan, Al Qadiri adopts a range of imaginative strategies to explore histories both personal and political. Arab soap operas, Gulf War–era images of burning Kuwaiti oil fields, traditional elegiac songs, and science fiction all figure in her astutely shape-shifting work, which foregrounds networks of capital and labor. Dark humor and melancholy alternatively drive the artist’s speculative, uncanny scenarios, which simultaneously look back at and probe possible futures for petrocultures and global political networks. [read on]

Friday, August 23rd, 2019, 24:00 | midnight
Summer Special: BPA// Berlin program for artists

We are happy to announce our first summer special within 10 years – not a solo presentation but a program – a cooperation with the Berlin program for artists. BPA was initiated by Angela Bulloch, Simon Denny and Willem Rooij in 2016. It facilitates exchange between emerging and experienced Berlin-based artists, through coordinated studio visits and meetings. The VAM summer special program is curated by Bertrand Flanet, one of the 2019 BPA [read on]

Friday, June 14th, 2019, 24:00 | midnight
#106: Lucy Beech

Lucy Beech’s videos utilise a seamless yet slippery blend of documentary and fiction. The works on show as part of Video Art at Midnight explore the agency of reproductive relations; the commercialisation of feeling and experiences of the body as an alien place to be. [read on]

Friday, May 17th, 2019, 24:00 | midnight
#105: Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag

The Berlin-based artist, composer, and theorist Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag (b. 1965 in Lübeck, Germany) associates the fine arts, new music, and media aesthetics in his artwork, which is usually of installative nature. Videoart at Midnight's cinema setting will be an exceptional performance of is work. [read on]

Friday, April 12th, 2019, 24:00 | midnight
#104: Korpys/Löffler

In their documentary fiction, Korpys/Löffler observe and scan the zones of institutional power and their peripheral areas and weave them into a network of ambivalent relationships, connections and meanings. Here, insights into the mechanisms and modes of functioning of representative places, their specific atmosphere and the actions of their main and auxiliary actors are revealed. With their special methods of "reporting", with their deconstruction and reorganization of history and stories, they also aim at the supposed factuality of news, and they focus on the question of how history is written through media mediation and how it relativizes with aesthetic-analytical methods and can be reformulated. [read on]

Friday, March 15th, 2019, 24:00 | midnight
#103: Bigert & Bergström

Bigert & Bergström is an artist duo living and working in Stockholm, Sweden and from time to time in Berlin. They met while at the art academy in Stockholm in 1986 and have collaborated ever since. Through their career Bigert & Bergström have produced and created art ranging from large-scale installations to public works, sculptures and film projects. Often with a conceptual edge, the core of their work is placed right in the junction between humanity, nature and technology. With energetic curiosity their art investigate scientific and social topics discussed in contemporary society. [read on]

Friday, February 15th, 2019, 24:00 | midnight
#102: Sandra Schäfer

Sandra Schäfer’s artistic practice deals with the production of urban and geopolitical space, history, and visual politics. Her works are often based on long-term research concerned with the process of unfolding and re-reading documents, images, and spatial narratives. [read on]

Friday, January 18th, 2019, 24:00 | midnight
#101: Julian Rosefeldt

For many years we have wished to invite Julian Rosefeldt for a screening at Videoart at Midnight. But Julian is better known for works in the exhibition context than for the cinema setting. Now however he put together a program of single channel works and we are very happy, that Julian will start – after our fulminate 10 years anniversary – the new decade. [read on]

Friday, December 14th, 2018, 24:00 | midnight
#100: Ed Atkins

For VIDEOART AT MIDNIGHT issue 100 Ed Atkins shows a specially compiled edit of his works from the past decade. Encompassing computer generated animation, performance capture, stock assemblage and emo musical theatre, the screening will be punctuated by previously unseen works, tests and teasers, as well as a live performance by the artist [read on]

Friday, November 23rd, 2018, 24:00 | midnight
#99: Kerstin Honeit

Deploying video, performance, and installations in her artistic research, Kerstin Honeit examines hegemonic image production within the media of information technology and pop culture. Intervening at the boundaries of representation and reception, she questions the construction of social norms...

Friday, October 12th, 2018, 24:00 | midnight
#98: Almagul Menlibayeva

Almagul Menlibayeva (born 1969 in Almaty, Kazakhstan) is an award-winning contemporary artist who works mostly in multi-channel video, photography and mixed media installation. She lives and works in Germany and Kazakhstan. Her work has been featured internationally at the Sydney Biennale, Australia; the Venice Biennale; the Moscow Biennale, Russia; the Gangwon International Biennale, South Korea...

Friday, September 14th, 2018, 24:00 | midnight
#97: Antje Engelmann

Engelmann’s films, audio pieces, and performances question forms of narration and knowledge. Through every day experience and family history she connects the very personal with the bigger picture and challenges universal topics. To create a new context Engelmann tells multilayered stories by weaving direct documentation with found footage and staged ...

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